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HORF700R: Receiver unit of HORF700 HDMI Extender

  • Model: HORF700R
  • Warranty note: 180 Days Limited

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Product Detail

It's designed to convert HDMI signal to HD digital TV signal based on DVB-T CATV transmission mode. Upgraded from
traditional analog CATV signal, it applies 64QAM mode to realize the HD signal to HD digital TV signal conversion and
transmit via coaxial cable over long distance up to 700 meters. By a CATV splitter, HDMI Extender over Coaxial
cable supports pear to pear and multiple to muliple video matrix.
  1. Professional and high-quality HDMI to RF Modulator
  2. 99 channels for choice
  3. TX: input: 1x HDMI,output: 1x RF; RX: input:1x RF,output: 1x HDMI
  4. RX: input:1x RF,output: 1x HDMI
  5. Support HDMIinput/output:480i/480p@60Hz,576i/576p@50Hz,720p/1080i/1080p@50/60Hz.
  6. Video encoding: H.264. Audio encoding: MPEG2.
  7. Coaxial cable: RG6,RG7,RG11 etc.Frequency point:100-1000M
  8. Frequency point:100-1000M
  9. Effective bit rate: Max 31.6M bits,Transmission delay:500Ms​


1. TX:

1. RF TX
2. Reset button
3. HDMI input
4. DV 5V power

2. RX:

1. RF RX
2. Reset button
3. HDMI output
4. DV 5V power

3. Channel:

There are 100 (0-99) channels controlled by 2 buttons. Button l can select tens digit and button 2 for single digit. Combination of tens digit and single digit makes 99 channels totally. TX and RX can build connection only when they are set to same channel parameters and RX HDMI port outputs the corresponding A/V content.



1. Transmitterx1
2. receiverx1
3.Power supply x2
4. User Manual