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HF-UR01: Universal 2.4G Wireless Remote Control with Mouse and IR Learning Function For PC Computer, Smart TV and Android TV Box

  • Model: HF-UR01
  • Warranty note: 180 Day Limited


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Product Detail

2.4G USB adapter inluded. Analog cursor makes your positioning click more precise. 2.4G transmission up to 10 meter. 

Plug and play, and free from installing driver.
Applicable to: Smart TV, Android TV box, mini PC, HTPC.
IR learning function to clone your current remote control


This remote controller can match all buttons with the Android TV Box's function buttons. However you need to learn the power button of the Android Box remote controller to make the power-on function work properly.

The Arrow up/down/lef/righ buttons will match most of smnart TVs remote controller. You may need to learn the functions of TV's infrared remote controller such as 'source input/volume up/volume down/back(return) etc.  buttons to make it work properly with smart TVs.

Infraed Leaning Function:
1.Long press the 'OK' and 'Power' buttons at the same time for 2 seconds, release them after the red LED light flash 3 times, the red LED light will stay on.
2.Aim the smart remote controller to the TV remote controller's infrared receiver in close range, the red LED light flashes after pressing and relasing the button on smart remote controller, then press the desired learning button from TV remote controller, the red LED light will stay on to indicate the infraed learning is success, then press the 'OK' button and 'Power" button together to save the learning button. Repeat the above steps to learn more buttons.
It will quit the learning status automatically after 30 seconnds without pressing any buttons.

Clear infrared code:
Press the 'OK' button and 'Voice up' button at same time for 2 seconds until the red LED light quick flashs, it will clear all previous learned code and restore to factory factort setting.